Small collections of jewellery + Homewares, handmade in Australia.

Kiln-fired glass art

Kiln-fired glass art

Created with passion

A FIERY HEART is dedicated to support women in finding, believing in and expressing themselves through colourful kiln-fired glass art. The brand philosophy “Be bold. Do good. Grow strong.” is reflected in a broad range of distinct and one-of-a-kind pieces that'll help you to happily show your true self.

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A Maker with a fiery heart

Hi, I'm Gisela

I'm enthusiastic about working with glass, combining my love for colour and light with my passion for assisting you to be bold. My art practice focusses on kiln-fired glass. I find the fusing process particularly fascinating: It allows me to blend colours and add another dimension to create objects strong enough for everyday use. 

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Small, one-of-a-kind collections

Contemporary glass art

My pieces are bold, draw the eye and add an accent and spark of colour to any wardrobe, table setting, window or wall. 

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Kiln-fired + Stained glass

Handmade in Sydney

I am mindful about leaving the smallest footprint possible by powering my studio and kiln with solar cells and exploring the use of recycled glass. I use kiln "down-time” to melt and reshape bottles into one-of-a-kind platters, marketed as “Upcycled Bottle Art”.

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Be bold. Do good.

Grow Strong

I believe in growing through doing good. I give back to communities who've inspired me by donating part of my proceeds to causes close to my heart.

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