Philosophy & values

Be Bold.
A Fiery Heart is a brand dedicated to help you find, believe in and express yourself. 
I've come a long way, literally and figuratively speaking. My life journey was quite unexpected, and at times dramatic, including living on three continents and changing professions and careers as many times.

A Fiery Heart encourages transformation and growth.
Neither giving up personal goals nor embracing unforeseen change comes easy, but I've realised that it is up to us and us only to build and live a fulfilled and happy life. That is why I strive to create beautiful products with a strong identity that tell compelling stories.

Challenges and obstacles come in many forms, and everyone faces a different set of them at any given time.
My handcrafted pieces are unique, just like you, and I hope that they'll make you feel like the special person you are, embolden you, boost your confidence and help you to make the best of the hand life's dealing you.

Do good.
Everyone of us has different strengths, talents and resources. Being mindful about them and using them to do good is what matters.
I put a lot of love and detail into each of my pieces and hope that they'll add a splash of colour and happiness to your everyday life. And while I love sharing my craft with you, I'd also like to share my dream of a healthier, more just and sustainable world for all.
In my studio, I'm contributing by
  • having a personal no-waste policy, dedicated to use every little scrap of glass left over from larger projects (I use them to create swizzle sticks, stud earrings or glass nuggets, which then become part of bigger projects),
  • exploring the use of recycled bottle glass (check out Upcycled Bottle Art)
  • using recycled / recyclable materials for all packaging,
  • and mailing parcels and packages with carbon neutral courier services.
  • Before moving into the city, I was able to power my studio and kiln with solar cells connected to a Tesla Powerwall battery system.
In addition, I donate part of my profits to a cause close to my heart (Twenty10SANE Australia, Australian Marine Conservation Society).
  • Scientists, educators and advocates defending Australia’s oceans.
Grow strong
With every challenge solved, every obstacle overcome, we grow stronger.
I see myself as proof that no path is set in stone and traditional rules can be broken. Along my way I've become a more confident, centered, caring and happier person.  
Ultimately, by shining inside and out, we'll grow into who we want and the world around us needs us to be. With each purchase from A Fiery Heart, you’ll be helping me to realise my dream which may be yours as well. Please join me on my journey!

With a fiery heart,

Gisela Spallek, Glass Artist in Sydney

Photo: Raising Sun, stained glass panel, 2003
Raising sun, stained glass panel installed