Studio & Process

My studio is my happy place. While I mostly design and make bold, expressive jewellery, I also love to create glass pieces that are not only beautiful but also functional. I find glass fusing particularly fascinating as it allows me exactly that:  Adding another dimension to create bowls and vessels for everyday use. 

Whether the result will be jewellery or homeware, each project begins with cutting distinct shapes by hand from large sheets of art glass. I use the varying transparency, colours and texture of the glass to create special effects or patterns. The cut pieces are arranged and layered according to the design I've drawn up - in my mind or on paper.

The fusing process during which the pieces melt together involves at least two, sometimes up to three, four or more  firings in a kiln at temperatures of up to 750 C / 1475 degrees F. In between the firings, the pieces are cold worked, to give them their final shape and desired finish. 

This multi-step process results in one-of-a-kind, unique creations.

I enjoy experimenting with new designs and ideas, for instance by including metals, mica powder or natural materials between layers of glass to add depth or create special effects. If you are interested in more behind the scenes developments, please sign up to receive my newsletter.


Photo: Rainbow swizzle sticks in the making.