In Love with the 60s

In love with the 60ies - Retro products

Here are three facts about myself: 

  • I have always been drawn to big bold patterns and colours.
  • Any colour reminding me of the sun is a favourite of mine, period.
  • I am a child of the 60ies (but not a typical flower child, due to my upbringing: I was born and grew up in the former German Democratic Republic).

I was itching to embody these elements into one of my collections, and voila, here's the result: Orange Retro

It is impossible for the eye not to be drawn to the bright colours featured, and if you love the style of the 60s, this throwback collection is just right for you. The pattern was achieved by fusing stacks of differently sized, rectangular pieces of tangerine, dark orange and off-white glass in different arrangements onto a tangerine base.  

Orange Retro jewellery inspired by the 60ies, A FIERY HEART