Flowery meadows in the Alps

Italian Alps near Lana

In 2008, we spent some time in Lana, Italy. Of course, we visited Ötzi, the Iceman, but we also hiked the South Tyrol Alps. The beauty of the countryside satisfied every cliché I rememberd (based on Disney's "Heidi"), especially the thousands of tiny wildflowers in the mountain meadows.

Mountain meadow, Italian Alps

Flowery mountain meadow

Remembering the trip last year, I was inspired again by this plentiful beauty and decided to design the "Spring Pastels" collection. The flowery meadow effect was achieved by sprinkling and fusing tiny colourful shards of glass on top of mint, vanilla and purple sheets, imitating pastures and the last patches of snow.

With a piece from this collection, you'll add a touch of nature, captured in glass, to your look. Enjoy!


Spring Pastel Collection inspired by flowery meadows in the Alps

Photo: Lana, Italy, 2008